In the drama monologue Integrity, a FATHER talks to his son about the importance of behaving a certain way in life in order to never lose your self-respect.

BILLY:  You see, the thing is Jimmy, integrity is the only thing we truly own in life. What we decide to do with it, is our choice. I hear you, coming up with all these excuses, it’s not me you have to answer to anymore. You’re a grown man now and my judgement isn’t going to make a difference.

What I’ve learnt in these past 60 years of being alive, is that life will take a lot from you, a lot of things you can’t control, it’s not a pretty world and you’re starting to see a bit of this now…but, what life can’t take from us, is integrity, as long as you hold on to it.

It will always be up to you.

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