Is That Too Much To Ask?

In this monologue, Is That Too Much To Ask?, Roylla talks to her man about how she has not been feeling fulfilled within their relationship.

Roylla:  When are you ever going to get it right, Sam?  When are you ever going to learn how to treat a woman?  It’s not about flowers and cards and going away…those things are nice, but…

You know what matters most to me?  Knowing that I’m with a man who takes time to know the real me.

A man who can look into my eyes during dinner and talk deeply to me, a man who can hold my hand when we go for a walk, a man who truly embraces me when he says the words, “I Love You”.

That may sound like some romantic novel but damn it that’s all I need from you.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted from you, Sam.

Yes, it’s great to have nice things and live well but that can only go so far…I need depth, I need passion, I need something real that will keep me alive and make me feel wanted.

Is that too much to ask?

Joseph Arnone


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