My Kitchen

In My Kitchen, Linda goes off on her boyfriend about his controlling mother and how she tries to dominate her in her own home and kitchen.

LINDA:  You know, every single time she comes over she has to dictate how I should cook.  God forbid she comes over and let’s me handle what goes on in the kitchen.  I understand she wants to help but her help is waaaay beyond the call of duty.  It gets to the point of telling me how to do it, then ordering me how to do it, then arguing with me over how to do it and then finally she starts doing it!

Your mother actually pushed me out of the way, told me to sit down and started cooking everything.  She completely made me feel like a worthless asshole.  This is my kitchen, I should be the one in charge.  Not her.  Your parents have come here as our guests.

This needs to stop or else I won’t have them here anymore.  I try to be nice, I have a big dinner planned and here she is, doing everything.  Now, there are certain lines you don’t cross and that is one of them.

Joseph Arnone


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