It’s Torture

In It’s Torture, Darren complains to his mother about how he hates going over his father’s house on the weekends because he never has any fun.

DARREN:  I don’t want to go by Dad’s this weekend.  (beat) I don’t have a good time there. It’s boring.  All we do is sit around and watch t.v. and the place smells and the food tastes horrible.  I shoot hoops in the backyard and he never plays with me…he just talks to some old guy, his neighbor or something from the other side of the fence.

It’s torture!  Why can’t I just go for a day?  Why does it have to be the whooooole weekend?  I have no friends where Dad lives, there’s nothing to do.  I hate packing my stupid clothes, in my stupid bag and sleeping in the same stupid bed as him.  He snores and farts in his sleep and last time I woke up crushed against the wall because he’s so big.

Please Mom, please, from now on don’t make me go the whole weekend, just for like the day…


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