Jimmy Jitters

In this male serio-comic monologue Jimmy Jitters, NOAH is talking to his pal about how he needs to make a serious change.

NOAH:  Jimmy, you know what it is, you are too high strung, you need to learn how to relax, take some meds or do some meditation.  You are going to drop dead and you will leave behind a family that needs you.  You were never like this, with the jitters, twitches and flinches.  What is that shit, really?  It’s like you are becoming an out of control cartoon.  Sooner or later you are going to pop.  Do you see yourself?  Have you ever taken a moment to look at yourself?  Everything you do is like you’re on speed.  Too much coffee, too much crack, too much intensity!  You need to just chillax man, smoke a blunt, have a beer and breathe brother.  Damn.  Just breathe.  If you don’t make some kind of shift in your life and change this hyperness, than you are destined to become a permanent neurotic.

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