Jonny’s Home

Short drama scene for 4 people.  A father comes to the aid just in the nick of time for his daughters before something terrible may have taken place.

Evening. Woods. 

Jonny’s Home

Sasha: Where did you see him last?

Maggie: Right here.

Sasha: Right, where?

Maggie: Here! Here! He was standing right in this spot, next to this trashcan. I told him to wait right here and not to move.

Sasha: How long did it take you to go pee?

Maggie: Not thirty seconds, I swear. And I kept looking up and when I was finishing up, I looked up and didn’t see him. He couldn’t have gotten too far cause it was seconds.

Sasha: That’s all it takes Maggie! (calling out) Jonny? Jonny?!


Mom and Dad is gonna kill us. You always get me in trouble! I ask you to watch Jonny for just two hours, two whole hours and you lose him!

Maggie: (crying) I’m scared, what if we don’t find Jonny? I didn’t mean to lose him.

Sasha: He’ll turn up somewhere that’s for sure—

Man: You girls looking for something?

Sasha: No Mister, we’re fine.

Maggie: Our little brother Jonny is lost.

Man: Little brother, eh? How old is Jonny?

Sasha: He’s five.

Man: Hmmm. I may have seen him…is he…does he have a birthmark on his forehead?

Sasha: Yes, he does, actually. That’s him.

Man: Then I did see him. He was wandering around by them logs, near the stream. I’ll walk you girls on over there.

Sasha: That’s okay. Our father should be looking over there now, we’ll just walk over to him.

Man: Your dad knows you girls are out here?

Sasha: My whole family is looking for our brother right now.

Man: That so? Looks like you two girls are all by your lonesome. It gets pretty dreary around these parts. I should really walk you girls on over to your father, just to be sure you both stay safe.

Sasha: We don’t need you to walk with us. Thank you.

Sasha grabs Maggie’s hand and walks past the man.

Man: I know where your brother is and I can take you to him if you like.

Sasha: How do we know you ain’t lying?

Man: I described him to you, didn’t I?

Enter father.  

Father: Hey, what are you two girls doing out here?

Maggie runs to her father and hugs him tight.

Sasha: We lost Jonny Dad and this man knows where’s he’s at?

Man: I ain’t seen nothing, sir.

Sasha: Dad! He said he saw Jonny and he described what he looks like and he knows where he is! He did something to him.

Man: I ain’t done nothing to no one. I saw a little boy wandering around but I decided to leave well enough alone.

Father: Is that what you decided?

Man: Now hold on a minute…

Father: Girls, go back home. Jonny told me you were here.

Sasha: Jonny’s home?

Father: Go on now…

Sasha and Maggie run along back toward home.

to Man

You up to no good?

Man: I was only trying to help your two daughters find your son.

Father: Were you now?

Man: Honest to God.

Father: I’ve seen you before.

Man: I’m from these parts, all these parts.

Father: Did you get a good look at my children?

Man: Now hey, I’m not so sure I like your tone, sir?

Father: That’s alright. We’re alright. I got a good look at you, too.

Man: You have something you wanna handle right now?

Man pulls out a knife

Because I don’t like wasting time.

Father: That don’t mean nothing to me when it comes to my family.

Man: Oh, good. (beat) Come on, come on in then…

long pause

Father: Come near my family ever again…

Man: It’s about you and me now, oh yeah, come on in now…I drew it, I ain’t putting it away until it cuts something now.

Father: You take one step toward me, I’m going to kill you.  You stay away from my family…

Both men stare at one another.

Each man slowly pulls away and back peddles from the another.


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