Just Like The Movies

Just Like The Movies is a drama scene.  ZOOK and TANG strike up a conversation about starting their own drug spot in their neighborhood.   2 Men.  Dramatic.

Just Like The Movies

Tang and Zook are chilling out playing video games in a living room.

Tang: Yo I’m feeling scandalous right now.

Zook: Oh yeah? What you feel like doing man?

Tang: Yo, let’s find those bitches we was talking to the other night.  What was that hoe’s name?  Sunshine?

Zook: Yeah, yeah, Sunshine and the other one, Moon.

Tang: Yeah, Moon…you, you think that was their real names?

Zook: Nah, that’s their real names, she showed me their I.D.’s.

Tang: Could still be fake though.

Zook: True, true.  Yo, we’ll hit those bitches up after we eat yo, I’m starving.  Let’s go get some pizza.

Tang: Yo, just order a pie.

Zook: You got money for a pie?

Tang: What you mean, money for a pie?  Don’t you got any money?

Zook: We go halves.

Tang: You got half this time?  It’s what you always say and then when the delivery guy come you play the can’t find any money in my pockets routine.  Playa, show me the money first.  That’s what’s up?

Zook: Damn yo, why you always don’t believe me for?  Dag, yo.  (shows him a stack of money rolled up in a rubber-band)

Tang: Yo, you for real?

Zook: Hell yeah.

Tang: Yo, Zook man, where’d you get that bank yo?

Zook: Don’t worry about it cuz, I got it point blank.

Tang: Yo, what’s up though?

Zook: I got it man…I hooked up with Angel and she’s bad ass by the way, but yo, me and Angel, we got some things going on and we good.

Tang: Why you ain’t tell me fool?

Zook: Business.

Tang: Business? We brothers yo!

Zook: Chill, chill.  I got something coming up.  I was gonna tell you about it but not until it’s confirmed.

Tang: First of all, why you keeping me in the dark for?  We supposed to be turning shit, not you and Angel.  Why you hooking up with Angel dog?

Zook: Dude, I’m making stuff happen with Angel, learn the ropes and then we taken over together yo.

Tang: Nah man.  We ain’t doing nothing.  Out scoring without me, I go my own way.  That Angel girl is crazy.

Zook: You afraid of a girl?

Tang: That ain’t no girl.  She a man.  And I ain’t crossing her in no bad way.  Ya heard?

Zook: Yo, when you become such a—

Tang: Yo order the pizza man, I don’t want no part of that shit.

Zook: For real?

Tang: Yeah man, I’m out.

Zook: Yo, for real?

Tang: Yo you deaf?  I said I don’t want nothing to do with that man.

Zook: Damn yo, I had no idea you would be like that.

Tang: Man you know we got beef and my path crosses with her, not gonna be good.  Not cause I’m a bitch but because I’m afraid of myself.  I don’t want no trouble.

Zook: But yo, I’m made bank in one day playa, more then my Mom’s makes in two months.  Once I get shit down, I’m gonna buy you in and we good.  We do our own thing.

Tang: You already getting in over your head.  You already think you Tony Montana.

Zook: Oh, you saying I can’t reach big dreams?

Tang: I’m saying first off, you ain’t even starting off right.

Zook: How you mean?

Tang: Forget Angel.  Why you mixing up with Angel?

Zook: She’s got the spot.

Tang: She’s got the spot?  Oh yeah?  Then why not take the spot?

Zook: Take the spot?

Tang: Yeah, dummy.

Zook: She’s got a whole crew.

Tang: If we did things my way, in one night, we take over the whole block.

Zook: This ain’t a movie dog!

Tang: You a stupid ass—

Zook: This ain’t no movie yo!

Tang: Okay.  Do you.  Go order the pizza then.

Zook: What would you do?

Tang: Nah man, I ain’t having it.  Order the pizza.

Zook: You order the pizza.

Tang: Okay.

Zook: Seriously, what would you do?  Tell me.

Tang: I tell you and then you order the pizza.

Zook: Yeah, man, just tell me.

Tang: We roll over to Dutch.  We get our business in place.  We know we have at least five soldiers that are down for anything.  We put them on payroll.  They with us now.  That takes care of that.  We put a word in to Wild Man.  Let him know we got space in need of inventory.  We lock it up.  We good.  We got both ends covered.  We roll up on Angel, take her out, her crew, all in one night.  And that’s how we do.  Now order the pizza.


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