Keep Going

In Keep Going, L talks about how he/she has an appetite to keep pursuing what makes them happy, even on the down days.

L:  I get down. I do.  I get low.  Sometimes.  Not too often cause I have a strong mind but I do, I get down like anybody else, I guess.  But there’s this thing inside of me, I don’t know what you would call it, not sure if I’m actually a bit crazy or what but this thing I’m talking about, it’s never left me, it’s always there like an invisible friend but a friend that always stays with me and pulls me out of the shit when it gets too thick.  Does that make sense?  Not sure if it’s something deep in my spirit that refuses to ever tire out.  Not sure if I’m just plain stubborn, stupid or just outright nuts.  It’s weird, when you love something and don’t know why exactly but it just feels right, well, that’s why I keep going.  So, I’m in for life and that’s it.


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