Kicking Up The Dirt

In the drama monologue, Kicking Up The Dirt, Sharon talks to her boyfriend about how he needs to stop losing his temper because she’s about to walk out.

Sharon:  It’s okay, it’s okay…stop, please, stop being so upset.  I’m not mad at you anymore.  I’m hurt about what you did, the way you treated me, it was all unnecessary and pretty lousy but I don’t want to hold on to anger and the way you made me feel.

I appreciate your apology but you need to know that I can’t keep going through this with you.  You drain my energy and life is too short for me to tolerate this forever.

I’m not going to kick up the dirt again but I’m telling you now, if it happens one more time, I’m out.

It’s not a threat…I don’t have the time for threats or to back them up.  What I’m saying is a fact…it will happen fast, real fast because I’m not going to argue or talk next time, if there ever is a next time.

So, if you really are sorry, if you really do love me, remember this day and the drama you’ve caused because it will stop things from breaking apart.

Joseph Arnone


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