Lack of Connection

In Lack of Connection, SOYA talk to her mother about working towards improving their lack of connection in their relationship.

SOYA:  Mom, listen, listen…I need to talk to you.  I do.  I just want you to listen, I don’t want you to jump down my throat and get wild and crazy before I speak to you, okay?

I just want to talk to you about how high strung you get with me sometimes.  There are days when I’m trying to share a thought with you when we are in conversation and you don’t let me finish my sentence and before I can even complete what I’m trying to say, you assume a different meaning and get angry about something I didn’t mean at all.  I know that’s a mouth full but do you get what I’m saying?

I’m asking you to be more patient with me and really hear me from now on.  Sort of like what you’re doing right now.  Which is nice.  That’s all I ask.

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