Last Breath

In this monologue ASIA tells who she thought was her dearest friend, how evil she has discovered her to be after such a long friendship.

ASIA:  You see what you want to see only for YOURSELF.  You don’t look at things from my perspective.  What you are a master in, is self-deception…so much so that you actually almost convince me of a different point of view.  You are a true gem, let me tell you my friend.  You truly pulled the wool over my eyes and I am the idiot to have believed in you, to have trusted you, to have given myself over so openly and unwisely to you.

Damn me for being such a fool!

You acted as the smarter but that was only because your life has been based in lies and deceit, in evil thoughts and sneaky behavior.

I don’t come from such a place, so therefore you had the upper hand in terms of maneuvering your slick cloud around me and snatching my honor with your fangs and claws.

And where did it get you?  What have you achieved?

The truth of the matter is that your own twisted ways have circled around back on YOU, without either of us realizing it until now.

You see, you ruined what could have been…I am burned as much as you but my wounds won’t heal into scars…yours will and you will be scorned until your last breath.  Thank you for giving me wisdom to steer clear from others of your kind.

Thank you.

Joseph Arnone


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