Late At Night

This is a short thriller/horror scene for two actors.  1 man, 1 woman.  This scene is a period piece with two characters and runs about 5 minutes in length.

Late At Night

Boyner walks down a long corridor toward a closed door to a room in a hotel he is the caretaker for.  It is late at night.

Geraldine: …Don’t go in there!

Boyner: …Why not?

Geraldine: You won’t come out.

Boyner: What do you mean?

Geraldine: Something strange has caught your ear and if you follow it through it will be done with you.

Boyner: I don’t understand.

(Geraldine steps a bit forward out from the dark, revealing a cut on her shoulder)

Geraldine: I’ve been marked.

(Boyner sets down his lantern and tends to Geraldine’s shoulder with a handkerchief)

Boyner: Sit down.  Sit down, please.  (beat)  How did this happen?

Geraldine: I entered that room.  I heard these sounds, beckoning me to them.

Boyner: Someone, calling you?

Geraldine: Yes, like a trance.  I opened the door and entered.  That’s when I felt someone or something grab hold of me and force me down to the floor. But I fought it off…all the while I couldn’t see a face, I could not see what grabbed hold of me.  I was fighting off this invisible being.  I felt it, the figure of a man’s being but could not see him.  There were others…watching, poking at my sides.  I felt them all!

(Boyner stands straight and turns his attention to the door)

Don’t go in there!  I’m warning you.  Wait ’til morning, when it’s bright.  You can investigate it then.  It isn’t safe.  Please, believe me.

Boyner: I believe you, I believe you.  I want to care for your shoulder.  Let’s go to the kitchen and have you properly looked at, shall we?

(Boyner takes Geraldine by the hand and they walk down the hallway together)

(The door slowly opens behind them.  Boyner turns around)

Who’s there?!  (beat)  Answer me!  Who’s there?!

(the door slams shut)

(Boyner storms ahead toward the door)

Geraldine: Don’t go!

Boyner tries to open the door but it is locked shut)

Boyner: Open up!  Open up right now, damn you!

(The door slowly opens gently)

Geraldine: Please, please don’t go in there.  I’m warning you.  Please!

Boyner: Who’s in there?  Show yourself!


Geraldine: I’m frightened.  Please, let us go now.

Boyner: Alright.  It’s fine.  You are fine.  Let us go to the kitchen and have you looked at.

(Boyner closes the door.)


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