Learning How to Manage Negative Emotions

In Learning How To Manage Negative Emotions, Jarsen confides in a mentor about how he can reach a better place inside himself when it comes to negative emotions.

JARSEN:  I can do better…my temper…I’ve improved over the years, believe me…the way I used to be, I was a real idiot back then and nowadays, nowadays I’m more reserved and calm about things, however, I still have a tendency to feel the fire when something is said that makes me upset…

It’s kept inside myself.  In the past I used to react verbally, physically…I don’t do that sort of thing anymore but I still feel this rush, it’s only kept under a tight lid.

My problem isn’t keeping the lid on my negative emotions…my problem is allowing myself to feel those negative emotions.

I am trying to get better at managing the things people say to me that are out of line, rude, inconsiderate…there are times when I’d really like to punch someone in the face with all my might…

I deeply wish to remove that, those angry feelings that enter my space…how do I get, how do I remove my anger without feeling like I am removing my integrity as a person?

I’m onto it though…the solution…it may sound silly but it really comes down to love.  I’ve been injecting myself with a ton of love lately by way of appreciating what I have in my life and being thankful for my good fortune…I think that by keeping love in my heart and reacting to the negativity with kindness and compassion, I can reach a better place inside myself…all I wish to be is a good person…that’s the truth and hopefully I can be a greater force for positivity in the world when I’m met with resistance.

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