Leave Now and Forever

In the monologue Leave Now and Forever, Doug is in a drunken stupor and delivers a negative verbal montage at his brother Willy.

Douglas:  I know who I am, Willy, it’s you, it’s you who doesn’t know who YOU are.  Coming here, talking about…shiiiit.  Just cause you my brother don’t mean you know me.  What?  Cause we have the same blood line…we’re different, we’re as different as cats and dogs or alligators and and fish or lions and and and uh, well bears or some shit man.  

You know what I mean!

Damn, I’m stupid.  And you’re smart.  You’ve always been the smarter one out of us but that don’t mean you are my preacher.  I don’t want and don’t need no damn preacher.

(dark) You saw what I did to Dad.  You saw it.  Too much preaching.  All the time, so, we traded places on that day.  

What makes you think you ain’t any different than him?

Shit.  You’re my brother…I think what you saying is good for me, is right for me but because it’s you who’s saying it, makes me angry.  Why?  Why you making me angry?

Who do you think would win if you put you, me and Dad together in an octagon to fight?  Who you think would be the last man standing?  I think about that sometimes.  I’d pay money to see that!  (he chuckles wildly)

Get lost.  I don’t want to see your face ever again.  Leave now and forever!!

Trying to help me with your kind hearted gestures…your money…your charms.  So charming, always so smiley and charming.  So handsome and calculated and cool.  Your hair slicked back, perfectly ironed shirt, shiny ass shoes…man I ain’t never worn shiny shoes my whole life!  (chuckles wildly)  …Never.

Let me have my space, let me live my life alone and happy without you or anybody in it.  Just me and the quiet air I breathe.  That’s all this man needs right here….that’s all I’m willing to give.

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