Let Me Exercise My Own Brain

Let Me Exercise My Own Brain is a teen drama monologue.  LIORA talks to her father about how he needs to give her breathing room to make her own decisions.

Liora:  Why do you think you always know better than me?  You never give me a chance to have my own thoughts.  I have a brain.  I need to use it.

If all I ever do is take your advice, I will never grow on my own.  Let me make my own mistakes and learn about life.  You have to let me exercise my own brain without constantly disagreeing with me.

I get it, I know you want the best for me.  I know you you’re always trying to protect me but the world is too big.  You can’t bottle me up and keep an eye on me forever.  Sooner or later you have to let me go and allow me to do my own thing.


…I understand, Dad.  (beat)  I’m not Hannah.  Hannah…what happened to Hannah was no one’s fault and you can’t keep blaming yourself for what happened to her…what happened to my sister—I shouldn’t have to pay the price for what happened to Hannah, Dad.

I’m someone different and I have the right to live out my own life.  Please, have your faith in me.  I’m not going anywhere…okay?


I love you, Dad.

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