Let Them Have It

In Let Them Have It, JEROME talks to his brother about allowing his rock star kids the freedom to live their dreams.  The reference to “my Andrew” refers to the loss of his own son to drugs.

Jerome: Sid…Sid listen, let them have it.  Let them have it, cause, we never did.  We can only wish to be in their shoes and aren’t we now, in a way, aren’t we sort of living through them?

I know it’s about that edge.  Balance of things, isn’t always fair..but, I think these boys will pull through.  I have faith that these–this group is gonna make it all the way through.  (he smiles)

We have to let them, we have to, we must!  We must because it’s the only way.  We get in front of them now and if it all goes wrong, what then??  We are to blame and that’s a guilt I know I couldn’t live with and neither could you…

You raised them right and they’ve seen what happened to…my Andrew…they know.

Let them have it.

Joseph Arnone


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