Life As A Smoker

In Life As A Smoker, MARY talks to her twenty-seven year old Grandson Robert about her life as a smoker.

MARY:  Smoked for 49 years.  Now I suffer until I’m dead.  I read in this book my girlfriend Peggy gave me that what I have is a slow, suffocating, miserable death.  When I read that, things changed.  I don’t think she knew that it said that or else she would have never of given it to me.  Regardless, it deeply depressed me.

(Mary gets teary eyed)

Ah, it’s no use, no use, no use.  I’d give anything, an arm, a leg, just to be able to breath again, Robert.  Just wish I could do what I used to do.  I walk twelve feet and you see how I get.  Feels like a sumo wrestler is standing on my chest, Robert.

That’s why I always stressed to you, well, ALL my grandchildren…don’t smoke.  Look at me and that should cure anybody that wants to smoke.

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