Like It Was Yesterday

In the dramatic monologue, Like It Was Yesterday, EVA recounts the memories she has of raising her son when he was five years old.

EVA:  I remember when you were just a little boy, like it was yesterday; you must have been five years old…you used to make me breakfast. (she chuckles warmly)  Every morning you would come to my room to wake me up–even though I was already awake, I would act like I was sleeping.  You would whisper,”Mom, Mom”.  Then I would stir and you would lightly tap my shoulder and rock me gently with your tiny hand, “Mom, Mom”.  Then I would eat you up!  I would pick you up and take you into the bed with me and hug and kiss and hug and kiss you like crazy.  And you would giggle and laugh so loud.(sighing)  Those memories make my life.

One morning, you came into the bedroom carrying a tray with a glass of orange juice, bowl of cereal and sliced bread…hahaha, the juice was plopping all over the tray but you looked at me and were so proud of what you did and you said, “Mom, I made you breakfast”.  And I sat up in bed and made such a big fuss over what you did and you carefully watched me to see if I would eat everything.  hahaha.  So there I was biting into bread sponged with juice and bragging about how amazing it was.

Like it was yesterday.

Joseph Arnone