Like We Originally Agreed Upon

In this old fashioned styled western monologue, BUCK has a final talk with his wife’s brother Clark about coming back into town.

Buck: I stopped worrying about you years ago.  Thought we had an agreement.  What made you go back into town?  (beat)  Mmm.  I told you there’d be no warning.  You were supposed to stay out here on the prairie for good and I made you that deal not because I’m a nice guy but because you’re my wife’s brother.

How come folk told me you was hawking the Hudson house?  (beat)  Those are good people the Hudsons…they don’t need no trouble from the likes of you.

We both know what you like doing and what you’ve been caught doing and we had an arrangement, did we not?  (beat) We did, we most certainly did, as I recall it.

Well, I am a man of my word…don’t matter if you went to the hardware store, Clark.  A deal is a deal.

You will stay on the prairie permanently, like we originally agreed upon.

(pulls out gun and fires)

Joseph Arnone


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