Locked In My Box

YOU: You placed me nice and neatly inside a clear box.  Nothing gets in, nothing gets out but I am allowed to see the outside world.  Inside my box there’s nothing but sweat, dripping down my back, chest, face…I feel drips between my toes and it’s hard to breathe.

I see the outside world and the outside world sees me.  I am a freak.

You placed me here and I refuse to die.  I will one day be able to stand and step out into the world.

You placed me here because you’re afraid what I’ll do when I come out.  I won’t do nothing.  I promise.  As long as you do not approach me ever again, we will be fine.  Don’t ever approach me because I will hurt you.  I will hurt you.  I will hurt you so bad.

I like my box.  I do.  I’ll take it with me wherever I go.

Joseph Arnone


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