LOL Monologues – FEMALE

A nice grouping of 35 comedic monologues for women. Go rock those auditions!  =)   You will find the timing of these monologues to be 1-2 minutes long.  Feel free to make adjustments to the piece to suit your needs for your audition.

LOL Monologues – FEMALE

JUST FOR LAUGHS 1-2 Minutes – a group of women trade funny stories on the pranks they play on their children.

FOG WORLD 1 Minute – Sabrina is annoyed with her brother for constantly disrupting their household.

PROUD MOM 1 Minutes – an overzealous mother cheers her son on while at a tournament.

PHONE CALLS 1-2 Minutes – this monologue explores the silly games meeting someone for the first time actually means.

FLYCATCHER 1 Minute – a silly joke proves for a silly monologue.

NOSE HAIRS 1 Minute – Danica is grossed out by a guy with extremely long nose hairs.

JUST ONE THING 1 Minute – Jackie loves her boyfriend but he farts waaaaay too much.

MERCY LOOK 1-2 Minutes – Connie drives her boyfriend crazy with her clothing selection from a shopping spree.

THE GIRLS 1-2 Minutes – Dana is lonely and doesn’t really want to hear all about her friend’s new love interest.

BOOST 1 Minute – a cute monologue for a kid about having a first crush.

READY, AIM, AIM 1 Minute – living with the person you love can sometimes be more than you signed up for.

DOG ANXIETY 1-2 Minutes – doing a favor for a friend can be much harder than previously imagined.

SO CUTE! 1 Minute – Mimi is overwhelmed by the fact that the guy she likes at school may like her back.

RAZOR BLADES 1 Minute – sharing the most private ‘bathroom’ situation is usually best unsaid.

LITTLE CRITTERS 1 Minute – this person gets a critter stuck in her eye while at work.

STRETCH 1 Minute – a yoga instructor takes stretching to a whole new level.

SNOT RAGS 1 Minute – being messy is one thing but leaving snot tissues around the apartment is a whole new story.

EATING LIKE A SLOB 1 Minute – Emily tells the story of how her husband almost choke while eating way too fast.

FRIED BALLS FROM A LAPTOP 1 Minute – dude can’t have children because he was too close to his laptop.



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