Looking Back At Your Past in Spaceman

Though he was born as Norman Bobby Carling, he became known as the Spaceman for the things he did and the situation he went through in the past.

Director Danny Lacey’s film Spaceman is a film where we see a man reflecting on his past while also having thoughts of how quickly life changes.

Norman tells us a story without actually telling us what happens to him and why he received the Spaceman name, and that’s part of what make this film so intriguing. I can easily see a short film like this being made into a two hour film where we get to see a bit more of what makes Norman so special and who he reflects so much on his past.

The film begins with Norman waking up and getting dressed. He then grabs an old scrapbook where he put together a compilation of old newspaper clippings where headlines identified him as Spaceboy.  As a child he was wildly popular and discussed frequently based on his scrapbook. He seems to miss that.

He also seems to miss a girl named Rebecca. When he has a nightmare he holds a picture of her and feels better, not to mention all the kind words he has for her. He says that she changed his life, and he thinks about her daily. But as we continue to flip through the pages of his scrapbook we see that she has gone missing according to the headlines. Because of their relationship, Norman is questioned about her whereabouts, but his answers are what’s important. He claims that she was abducted by aliens, his people. Although he was popular as Spaceboy, these outlandish answers caused major skepticism amongst the people looking for Rebecca.

Clearly, he was viewed as a suspect in the disappearance of Rebecca, but he stood by his alibi, claiming she was abducted by aliens. Though he is still upset that he hasn’t seen Rebecca in several years, he doesn’t look through his pictures and get upset. He looks through his scrapbook to feel important. He feels like someone when he sees his name in the newspaper. And he looks through the pictures and headlines to try understanding what happened. “All I ever wanted was answers.” He claims when tossing and turning in bed. Though he enjoys reminiscing he doesn’t want to be famous or popular now. He wants to find her, even if his alien friends do not believe him.

Gabriel Ricard

Gabriel recently graduated from CUNY Lehman College, where he majored in English Literature. When he's not working he is watching professional wrestling or MMA (which he vicariously lives through the athletes).

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