Loose As Goose

In Loose As Goose, a team of criminal minded women meet up at a motel in order to finalize and initiate their plans for the next job.  3 Women.  Crime/Drama.

Loose As Goose

Upstate New York.  Motel Room – Evening

Judd: She was supposed to be here a half hour ago.

Demi: I told you she’s gonna get chicken feet.

Judd: Why you so quick to always be so damn negative about her?

Demi: I told you I don’t like the bitch.

Judd: And I told you to make good until this is all done.

Demi: I’m not the one who’s late.

Judd: Not this time. You’re always late. You’re only on time just to show her up or else you’d be late as usual.

Demi: If I wanna be late, I’d be late. I wouldn’t think once about trying to change myself up for that bitch.

Judd: Will you stop calling that bitch a bitch?


Demi: If she don’t come, what we gonna do?

Judd: I’m thinking the same as you. Think we can pull it off ourselves?

Demi: Hell no. I hate to admit it but we need her for this.

Judd: Yeah.

Demi: Damn it! I told you we should have called Carla instead.

Judd: There’s no way this would have worked with Carla and you know it so forget it.

Demi: …hate this bitch…

Knock on door. Judd opens it. In comes Jessica, completely bombed off her ass.

Jessica: Whattup bitches?!

Jessica runs through the room and dives on the bed.

Demi: (to Judd) I’m gonna kill her.

Judd: Jessica! Jessica, where were you? What’s going on?

Jessica: Stop. I needed to get loose and I’m loose as goose. What’s up, playas?

Judd: We can’t do this if she’s like this.

Demi grabs Jessica by the hair and starts pulling it. Jessica screams.

Jessica: OW! Get off me, you psycho! You sick—OW!

Jessica pulls Demi’s hair. Both women are hurting one another. Judd is trying to get in between them and somehow separates them.

Judd: Enough! Enough! Enough! You guys. What the hell is wrong with the both of you? This is serious! I can’t believe you two.

Demi: Mess you up, bitch!

Jessica: Eat me and choke on it.

Judd: To hell with this. I’m calling it off.

Demi: We can’t.

Judd: How are we doing this? You have no control, she’s drunk off her ass and I’m…

All women try to pull it together.

Jessica: Had a rough night. One drink led into another, led into another and here I am.

Demi: Go in the shower you stink like a brewery.

Judd: Actually, it’s a good idea. Take a cold shower and wake up out of this. If you can’t get it together in the next fifteen minutes, I’m calling the whole thing off.

Demi: I said we can’t!

Judd: We won’t have a choice, Demi! We screw this up you know what will happen!

Demi: I don’t care. We can’t back out.

Jessica: I’ll get straight…just wait…wait and see…

Jessica goes into the bathroom and showers.

Demi: I told you! I freakin told you this bitch was off. Why didn’t you listen to me?

Judd: I trusted her, okay? I thought she was cool people.

Demi: You got to be kidding me, Judd. This is so stupid!

Judd: Shut up. I can’t stand you yelling. I’m trying to figure this shit out. Do we have any back up whatsoever?

Demi: I keep thinking about Devin.

Judd: Devin? I can’t believe you just said Devin.

Demi: What choice do we have? Want me to call her?

Judd: No way. (beat) We do it alone. You and me…together.

Demi: …I’m down. You down?

Judd: Let’s give her ten minutes. If she’s not correct, we skip and take care of this…you and me…that’s it.

Demi: Arright. I’m down.

Judd walks to bathroom door.

Judd: How’s it going, Jess?

Jessica: It’s going.

Judd: Are you coming too?

Jessica: Not yet. Can you girls fix me up some aspirin and juice? Trying to focus and it ain’t coming easy.

Demi: Judd, screw this. She’s out. Let’s leave her behind. We have no choice. Let’s just leave her here. She’s not gonna come out of it and we can’t risk her slipping up.

Judd: Shit! …alright, let’s bounce.

Jessica: Throwing up!

Demi: Let’s go! Leave her! Let’s go!

Judd: We’ll be back. Going to get aspirin.

Demi: Come on!

Judd and Demi leave the room.


Joseph Arnone


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