Lower Your Voice

In teen script Lower Your Voice, PELLA visits her good friend JAMES at the gym to talk to him about his usage of steroids.   1 female, 1 male Teen.

Lower Your Voice

Pella: What’s up?

James: Yo.

Pella: Almost done?

James: Nah, halfway.  How’s it going?

Pella: I wanted to see you.

James: I know.  You told me.  What’s up?

Pella: What’s up with you and all these shots you’ve been taking?

James: Shh. Pella, please.  Not here.

Pella: There’s a point of going too far, James.

James: How?

Pella: There’s a point of being too committed. It can back fire on you.

James: No, it can’t. Hard work is hard work.  What the hell are you talking about?

Pella: I’ve seen those videos, where these enormously huge guys eventually tear their arms open because the muscles burst through the skin.  And it many other cases, death.

James: Just because I’m working out hard doesn’t mean—

Pella: Jimmy, you started out going to the gym twice a week, then everyday and now twice a day.  I mean, where are we now?

James: You don’t have to be here.

Pella: It’s the only time I get to see you actually.  It’s gross.

James: Why is it gross?  Don’t you want me to look and feel good?

Pella: Yes, I do but you upset me when you told me you started taking shots.

James: Shhh! Lower your voice.

Pella: Don’t you think EVERYBODY should know.

James: Stop it I said.  It’s nobody’s business.  I shouldn’t have said anything to you.

Pella: Yeah, well, you did.

James: I’m only taking shots for three months, jut to pump up and then I’ll maintain it on my own with my work out routine.

Pella: It ruins your heart.  Does damage to your liver.

James: I just want to get stronger.  Besides, three months is nothing.  It won’t do sh’t.

Pella: I’ve already noticed your mood swings.

James: Did you come here to piss me off? Seriously, I can’t concentrate if you’re going to keep talking sh’t.

Pella: Whatever.  Have a heart attack then, see if I care.

(Pella walks off)

James: Pella.  Pella!

(She turns)

Look, I don’t want you to bitch at me.  I agree with you, okay? But just trust me with this.  I’m not stupid and I’m not going to have a heart attack anytime soon.  Okay? Let me get to where I’m going and I promise you I’ll quit taking the stuff.

Pella: No more injections…when?

James: Well, it’s three months, so, April.

Pella: April, when?

James: Jesus! April freaking tenth, okay!  But I have to check the calendar to be sure.

Pella: Fine.  April tenth.

James: Whatever.  Will you let me work out now?  Talk about something else.

Pella: Nah, I’m good.  I just came to see you for a quick minute.  I’m meeting Rosalie in twenty.

James: You still hang out with that girl?

Pella: Yeah, so?

James: Come on.  She almost got you locked up that time.

Pella: We worked it out.  It’s all good.  We squashed it.

James: Yeah but I don’t trust her.

Pella: She’s cool.  I know to keep my distance.

James: Yeah, well, if I have to hear your advice, then take mine also.  She’s not a good friend and sooner or later she will screw you over again and it will be worse.

Pella: Yeah.  I’m not disagreeing with you.  I just keep her around because, I don’t know, we have a long history together and it’s only chilling out for small things.  We’re gonna hit up the mall but that’s about it.

James: You sure?

Pella: Yep.

James: Okay.  Have fun with your best friend.

Pella: Stop it a-hole, she’s not my best friend.

James: Whatever.

Pella: What are you doing tomorrow night?

James: After the gym, nada.

Pella: You want to meet me and the crew by the fountain?

James: Yeah.

Pella: See you then. Peace.

James: Later.


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