The Magical Adventures of Peppla Higgins

In this fantasy monologue, MERLONTA is a giant wolf who speaks to young Peppla about her gift to help give freedom to the Atrium world.

MERLONTA:  Let me tell you a story, Peppla.  There was once a young man, Etropia, who was brought to another land, from another world, for he and only he was the one who had the ability to unlock our freedom.  He was the key to open the passageway to a new life for all the creatures that exist in Atrium.

Our young hero is still out there fighting.  It has been two hundred years and our freedom has still not been unlocked.  We are still held captive by the darkness of Rancidonia.  Her forces have grown strong these last two centuries and our hero is growing tired.  Soon, he will no longer be able to hold her forces at bay. She has been quite strategic in her ploy to take hold of everything that was once so beautiful.  There isn’t much time and we need your help.

It is not by chance that you are here, Peppla.  You too hold the key to open the door to our freedom.  You are the spirit brother of Etropia and you have been brought here to make a choice.  By joining forces with your spirit brother, the both of you will be able to overthrow the darkness and restore life as it should be on this planet.  You have magical greatness inside of you…something you have always known, felt…in this world it will be something you can see.

The question remains, will you help us conquer the wretched Rancidonia, or will you go back to Earth and let us all perish?

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