You Make Everything So Dramatic

You Make Everything So Dramatic is a teen guy monologue.  Matt is trying to let his friend know that he needs to learn to calm down over things that aren’t such a big deal.

Matt: Dude, you make everything so dramatic, bro.  Just chill.  You need to learn how to chill.  She will call you back bro.  Damn.  You shouldn’t be worrying so much about it man.  You hit her up and she will hit you back.  Leave it alone.

Yo, as a guy you need to pull back bro.  Nobody else is gonna tell you.  You gotta man up a little bro.  Don’t keep letting things that are no big deal get you hot under the collar.

Like that time with Max guarding you when we were all on the court.  Dude, you didn’t have to get so mad over missing that shot at the end.  You wanted to win, I get it, we all did but damn bro, you need to take it down a few notches.

Things like that.  You can’t make little things big things if they are little things.  You follow?  You will thank me later.

Joseph Arnone


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