Make Room For Me

In the dramatic monologue, Make Room For Me, Joust talks intimately to the woman he loves with his entire heart and soul.

Joust: Feel me.  Feel me deeply when I reach for your insides.  Feel me when I whisper in your ear and share my soul with you.

Make room for me.

Allow me to touch you in ways that you have never been touched…allow me to strengthen your heart and expand your mind…allow me to remove our gravity and free us from life’s confinements.

Let me learn from you.

Let me pour into you all that exists within my being, let me make your sad days good and your good days great, let me hold you when it’s cold and relieve you when you are feeling wild, let me look at you…let me look at you, forever…forever will never be long enough, my love…

Joseph Arnone


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