Man Called John

John has been seeing a psychiatrist to help him cope with his physical deformity. He shares a recent experience of becoming friends with a fly.

JOHN: One time I was building this model toy house and a fly landed in the kitchen of my model toy house and I stopped and wondered, what if this fly would be my friend?

How could I get him to stay?

I would give this fly anything it wanted, just to be my friend. I would travel across the ocean. I would climb the tallest building. Go to the moon and back to have him as my friend. Sure, it’s only a fly but I don’t have any friends.I was so afraid of scaring off my guest that I almost forgot to breath. Heh. Heh.

Finally, I worked up enough courage to speak to my guest. I looked at him and asked if he would like to be my friend. When I asked my question, he buzzed his tiny wings and didn’t fly away. I introduced myself and said I am Man Called John, what’s your name?

Suddenly, he buzzed his little wings once again and I decided to name him buzz. I was so excited, elated if you will to realize that I now had one true friend. I did not sleep a wink. I stayed awake until the following morning.

When I arose I said good morning to buzz but he was still resting. I decided not to disturb him. After a few hours of chores I returned to my friend. He was still sleeping but then I began to wonder if he was sick. So I approached him ever so gently. I called his name, “Buzz, Buzz, are you awake? Buzz?” And he did not make a peep.

I soon realized that my friend had come to pass. I carefully picked him up with my index finger and I rested buzz on the palm of my hand.I discovered for the first time in my life, the value friendship has on our souls.

This encounter, this relationship, this friend…helped me comprehend that it’s okay to enter the world and try to get along.

[dedicated to F.A.]

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