Match Made In Heaven

In this short original dramatic script, TIA has just gotten back home from work to find MICK on the couch looking unhappy.

Match Made In Heaven

TIA has just gotten back home from work to find MICK on the couch looking unhappy.

TIA: What’s wrong with you? Why do you seem so down?

MICK: Just deep in thought…

TIA: About what?

MICK: Nothing, I’m alright. Don’t really want to get into it.

TIA: …I wasn’t going to say anything because I already knew that that would be your response, Mick. For the past month you’ve been going through some sort of man period. On and off, hot and cold, happy, sad. Not acting like yourself at all. I want to know what’s up. Tell me what’s bothering you lately. Is it me? Not happy with me?

MICK: It is about you but not like what you think.

TIA: Great. Now you’re talking to me in riddles. Can’t you give me a straight answer and tell me what the hell is going on already? How does it involve me?

MICK: You know, there are some freaking things I just don’t want to talk about and you have to keep pushing me and pushing me. Why isn’t that ever good enough? Why can’t you back off?

TIA: If I was acting up and down like you’ve been, I guarantee you would be more pissed off about it.

MICK: Yeah, well I don’t want to talk about it. So leave it alone…

TIA: I’m not going to leave it alone. I feel that this is something serious and I won’t back away until you tell me.

MICK: Really?

TIA: Really.

MICK: You will be waiting a very long time.

TIA: I don’t care.

MICK: Don’t play these stupid games with me, okay? Cause this sh’t is for real. I’m feeling real emotions about certain things and I don’t want to be played with.

TIA: I don’t care.

MICK: You drive me crazy.

TIA: You drive me crazy.

MICK: Match made in heaven. I don’t want to tell you just because you want me to tell—

TIA: Fine!! Don’t!!!

MICK: If I tell you it’s because I want to tell you. It’s that sort of thing!

TIA: Alright, do what you feel like you want to do. What do you want to eat for dinner? I’m starving.

MICK: I don’t know. Chinese? In the mood for sesame chicken?

TIA: Not sure…

MICK: Tia, okay…listen…this is hard for me because I don’t–I’m not…I have a hard time being open like, you know? (beat) I have a difficult time sharing things that go on inside me, things that matter to me a great deal…I was brought up in a certain environment and I don’t know, it’s sometimes hard for me to connect.

TIA: I understand.

MICK: You know…I think about things, things I shouldn’t think about. I get caught up with all this nonsense in my head and I get stressed and it brings me down.

TIA: What things, baby? What things do you think about?

MICK: I feel like such a b***h telling you this…that’s my problem though…I don’t want to be soft.

TIA: You’re not soft. I don’t look at you that way.

MICK: Yeah…you’re gonna think I’m stupid but I’ll just tell you…for the last couple weeks I’ve been thinking about how much I love you and how I want to grow old with you and how there will come a day when we will have to say goodbye to each other and that…I don’t know how I’m supposed to find you again…

Tia’s eyes fill up with tears.

TIA: That’s what’s been going on all this time?

Mick nods yes.

TIA: I love you so much.

MICK: I love you too, baby. I do…I do.


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