Maybe He’s Not The Greatest

In this monologue, AVID does his best to help his wife understand that the man their daughter is dating deserves a chance.

Avid: Nella, enough! You forget how it was when we were first starting out? Your father could not stomach the sight of me. It took me years to gain any sort of halfway decent approval from that man and that’s after we were already married and had Jacob. You forget the arguments you had with him over our relationship and his unwillingness to accept me as part of HIS family? I don’t! It wasn’t until many years had gone by that your father started getting soft on me. Years! You are acting the same way he did. (beat) Now, you have a chance to make things right with your outlook on this young man. Maybe he isn’t the greatest, maybe he’s not what we wanted or expected for our daughter but I’ll tell you this, if he loves her even half as much as I love you, he will be alright in my book. That’s all I have to say about this. It’s her life, let her live it the way you’ve lived yours. We turned out pretty okay, didn’t we? Didn’t we?

I Can't Win

The monologue above is an excerpt from the one-act play “I Can’t Win” about two parents coming to terms with the man their daughter is dating.

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