‘Meaningless Conversations in Beautiful Environments’ is Exactly What You’d Expect it to Be

While some film titles are cleverly articulated and precisely chosen to have a deeper meaning within the story of a film, Meaningless Conversations in Beautiful Environments has a deep meaning but no depth within its title. What you see is what you get, but that is why this film is so many different combinations of funny, yet gorgeous.

If you’re looking for 8 minutes of spectacular landscape shots, paired within boring drawn out cringey yet humorous dialogue, this is the film for you. Over fantastic canyons and breathtaking bodies of water, we listen to the most mundane boring conversations I have ever heard in my life. The only thing that saves this film from being a complete bust besides the backgrounds are our two protagonists. This pairing of a Swedish woman and young man who seem to be able to travel around the world together, yet never run out of things to say to each other, works so well. Their conversations range from home screen pages, to genitalia, to airplanes, and through it all they never get bored of each other.

What makes these conversations so funny is the unfamiliarity of the subjects and the timing of the characters. For instance when the pair are overlooking the giant canyon with a river below, our female lead begins to talk about how she can’t exercise because it hurts her vagina. Of course not knowing what to say, the man chooses not to say anything or simply replies with “Yea.” Even though he has no idea what she’s talking about, the best part of the whole conversation is that she doesn’t let up on the vagina talk. The topic is only changed when the man disregards everything she had told him and starts a new conversation about Twizzlers.

The timing within the whole conversation is laughable as well. The sheer amount of pauses they take before finishing a thought or sentence or even to just reply to the other are insane. They talk to each other so slowly I’m surprised they can even finish a conversation before heading to the next location.

What makes this film a real stand out is the message that they are trying to send. While our two protagonists are traveling around the world seeing monuments and things that some people will never see in their lifetime, they aren’t even stopping to take in their surroundings. Instead they keep with the same dull conversations that hold no real meaning whatsoever. You’d think with all the beauty they’ve seen someone would stop to ponder the meaning of life or something as ridiculous and grandiose as that, but no, instead they choose dry hands and password protection.

This film simply shows how uninterested and distracted we can be from amazing things right in front of our faces.

Chani Sebazco

Chani is a graduate of Ithaca College, where she received a B.A in Writing and Theatre Arts. She is currently pursuing a career in Editing and Publishing, and is hoping to go back to school for her Master’s in Print Media. On her off days she enjoys bike riding, stalking doggos, and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy with a large bag of whole wheat Tostitos and habanero salsa. For more info follow her at @chanisebazco, and watch out for her brand new blog chanimariasebazco.blog coming soon!

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