Mental State Down

In this dramatic monologue, WILLIAM talks to his friend about how difficult he finds it in his life to be a calmer person.

WILLIAM: There are days when everything seems to flow so well for me, days when I feel an inner balance and I tell myself that I want to stay that way.  You ever feel like that, like you have an overwhelming inner peace?


I work to stay that way but the longest I could ride it out has been probably a day, day and a half before I start stressing about things again.


I’ve gotten better at being patient, being calmer in difficult situations…trying not to curse and yell.  It’s not easy being in control like that.  It’s so hard combating outside forces that always seem to bring my mental state down.

I take things a day at a time but hope I get better at changing myself.  I know who I aspire to become, it’s just a matter of whether or not I’m committed enough to become it.

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