Mickey’s Cake

Short Comedic Skit for 2 Actors to have some fun.  This scene is pretty gross but also pretty damn funny.  You be the judge.

In this short comedic scene, ALISON is a new intern working for her manager BOB.

Bob: Alison, I’m going in for a deuce.  Can you go make a fresh pot of coffee while I release this unforgiving monster into the world?

Alison: Ummm, okay.

Bob: What’s wrong?

Alison: You can just go use the bathroom, you don’t really need to inform me of the details.

Bob: What details?  (beat) Listen, after I’m done blowing up the toilet, can you come into my office cause I want to go over your progress?

Alison: Oh, my, God.

Bob: What? You alright?

Alison: You, just did it again.

Bob: Did what?

Alison: Nothing, forget it, it’s fine.  I’ll go make the coffee now.

Bob: Right.  Thanks.  Wait!  (whispering) Do me a favor real quick, Ally.  Can you walk over to that closet over there, the one with the black door handle and grab me some toilet paper, please?  I’d go but I have a lot of pressure building up right now, I can barely move and I know there isn’t any toilet paper left because I used the last roll in the stall this morning and you know…

Alison: Woah.  Okay.

(Alison walks to the closet)

Bob: Hurry up, please.  I got a peeping Tom over here if you know what I mean.  A little turtle poking and winking going on, you with me?

(Alison jogs back with toilet paper roll)

Too much of Mickey’s leftover birthday cake. Hold on…don’t move.  (pause.) No sounds.  (beat)  It passed.  I’m good.  I’m good.  I can make it downstairs now.  Thanks for the roll!!

(Bob trots away)

Remember!  Come to my room when you see I’ve come back from my drop off, alright?

Alison: Got it! (to herself) Where am I? Who are these people?

Joseph Arnone


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