Middle of The Road

In the monologue, Middle of the Road, Ian visits a friend who has been down on his luck for far too long and he encourages him to find strength.

IAN: My heart goes out to you Johnny, it really does…I don’t know why you are the way you are, why you get caught up with so many troubles…you kill me.

I look at you and it’s like looking at a wounded animal and I know because I’m a wounded animal…I see my reflection in you…but there are some animals, after they get hurt, they don’t lay down and die, they refuse to accept defeat and they keep going…you haven’t given up but yet you aren’t moving beyond your pain.

You remain in the middle of the road and that’s no place to stay.  You might as well give up altogether.

Believe me when I tell you this about myself, I’ve been left for dead on more than one occasion in my life but I refuse, absolutely refuse to ever be defeated…sure, I’ll take the hits, I’ll keep the scars but I won’t ever give up.

And I sure as hell won’t act like you act…up one day, down the next…that’s no way to live.

There’s only one real way to rise above your situation and that is by rising above it.

It’s time to get clear in your mind.  You need to drop all the crap that’s anchoring you and move forward with strength.  It’s the only way you can ever make a life for yourself.

The wounded animals that survive become the greatest warriors…I believe you are a warrior.  I wouldn’t have wasted my time coming out here if I thought otherwise.

You hear me?  You have one life.  One!  That’s it and it’s all over.  So why waste it feeling sorry for yourself?  Spend the time in your life living your life.  Take risks, challenge yourself, believe in who you are, set goals, work hard, make mistakes along the way but keep striving…that’s what it’s all about.

Start now.

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