Mind Your Own Business

MOLLY encounters Mrs. Murphy walking home from church and gives her a much needed rant about all the trouble she makes for the people in town.

Molly:  There are some people who are so miserable that the only way they can find happiness is if they make everyone else around them miserable, too.

You work in such a way, Mrs. Murphy.

I believe you to be an evil witch.  A negative soul who does everything in her power to humiliate and take down decent people.

A rat.

Why did you have to call the local police on my Uncle Thomas?  He didn’t deserve that.  He has a right to run his baking shop the way he wishes to run it and if you don’t like his prices, buy your bread somewhere else!

Stop making trouble for your neighbor.

Everyone else seems to be afraid of you Mrs. Murphy but I’m not afraid of you.

If you come near my family again, I will call the authorities on YOU for harassment.  You hear me?  I will give you a nice dose of your own medicine and make your life a living hell.

So back off!

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