Missing Pieces

In Missing Pieces, LANA confides in her closest friend about how she goes about collecting “data” from her man in order to find out where his loyalties are.

LANA:  Sometimes the most intelligent just need to remain silent.  (beat)  I’ve sat back and watched him.  Months.  Taking each small piece to the puzzle that he has provided me.  I almost have the entire lot.  At least, I have enough pieces to conclude an accurate assessment of what went on while he was in Australia.  Tiny snippets of info he leaks out from time to time, never letting on to anything whatsoever…just let him talk.  I may appear dumber than I am but that’s the price I rather take, in order to get confirmation on my instinct.  I’ll even ask a question nonchalantly, a key, in providing me further information with my analysis.  The more I smile and giggle, the more he keeps dropping his guard, the more pieces fit into my puzzle.  Tonight, I’m going to show it all to him and see what he has to say…

Joseph Arnone


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