Moment In Time

FRANCES and HOBBES talk in the middle of Hobbes’ living room.  They stand facing one another as Frances puts on her coat.  

Moment In Time

HOBBES:  I’m tired of covering for you, Frances.  I have my own life to worry about.  

FRANCES: Why give me the big speech as to how you will always be there for me?

HOBBES:  Because I am always there for you but you don’t ever let up.  Every day or week it’s something new with you.  One day it’s the paint falling off your walls, another day it’s your shower shooting out rusty water and now it’s money.

FRANCES:  Sorry I asked.

HOBBES:  You’ve been a lot to handle lately.

FRANCES:  I don’t want to be handled.  I’m trying to get my footing, trying to get a job, have a career, it’s not easy.  

HOBBES:  I never said it was easy, in fact, I have always told you how hard life is and I never sugarcoat anything.  

FRANCES:  You are so cold.

HOBBES:  Cold?  I wish I had an older brother to look out for me the way you do.  I had to figure out my own way without any guidance.  I never had anyone giving me advice or money.  

FRANCES:  Like me, right?

HOBBES:  You have more opportunity than I’ve had when I was your age.  Stop your whining and make the most of it.

FRANCES:  I’m not whining!  I just need help!

HOBBES:  I’m giving you help!


FRANCES:  Forget it, I’ll figure it out.

HOBBES:  Wait!  You leave you’re gonna make me furious and I don’t want to be furious with you, Fran.

FRANCES:  You’re right, I’m not your burden.  I need to figure out my own sh’t.

HOBBES:  Listen, you do need to figure out your own sh’t but that doesn’t mean I’m not here to give you help along the way, alright?

FRANCES:  So why make me feel like a loser for asking?

HOBBES:  You’re not a loser.  You can never be a loser in my eyes so stop talking like an ass.  You are on your way, you just need to see it.  Things are hazy inside your own perspective right now because you’re living it, day to day and you’re struggling.  But that’s healthy.  Struggle is good. Fighting for what you want in your life is good.  What you’re going through right now is the best thing.  You know why?

Frances shrugs her shoulders.

Because your struggles shape your character.  If everything was handed out to you and all was easy, you would never appreciate achievement.   You would take success for granted.  Because you’ve sacrificed and because you are working hard, believe me, you will rise up from the smoke and thank your lucky stars you never gave up. 

It’s now.  Today.  This moment in time that will make you stronger or make you quit.  The power is always in your own two hands, Frances.

Let go of your pride, I have your back and keep hustling out there because good things will come.  You are too smart and hungry for it not to.  You understand?

FRANCES:  …That was a pretty good speech, jackass.

HOBBES:  …I try.

They both laugh.

FRANCES:  I appreciate it.

HOBBES:  You better start succeeding soon.  Not sure how many of those speeches I have left in me.  

They laugh again.

FRANCES:  I will.

HOBBES:  So, how much you need?


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