In the short dramatic monologue Moment, Jacob opens up about the things that matter to him most regarding his passion.

Jacob: My greatest fear is not being remembered.  Not talking about being famous.  I’m talking about being thought of as someone who really gave a damn. Someone who fought for what was right and didn’t give in to the bullshit order of things.  There is this sort of higher ground I choose to stand on, not because I’m trying to be better than anybody else, because I’ll never be better than anybody else.

Throughout my life, I keep trying to stand on a high rock for as long as I can before losing my balance and falling off.  I do it so that others can hopefully catch a glimpse of me and know it’s possible to step up on that Goddamn rock, even if it’s for a moment, just long enough to feel the wind go through your hair and the sun kiss your cheeks, your nose, your eyelids…enough to feel the quiet Earth and the calmness in your own beating heart.

Joseph Arnone


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