Momma Wolf

Momma Wolf is a short comedic gangster genre scene for two main actors and a third actor to play bodyguard.   3 Characters. Comedy.

LESTER was recently visited by a hit woman who was hired to cut off his ‘private part’.  Lester has ties to the mob, paying for protection and in this scene he visits female crime boss known as, MOMMA WOLF.

Momma Wolf

Lester sits with a diaper on, underneath his pants and a cane.

LESTER:  And she took it with her that sick, sick animal…

Momma Wolf Gestures with her lit cigar.

MOMMA WOLF:  Did she doggy bag it afterwards?   Haha!  This chick should come work for me.

LESTER:  What are you talking about?! I want you to hire your best guys and kill her!

MOMMA WOLF:  You expect my men to go on a missing pickle hunt?

LESTER: You have the tape!

MOMMA WOLF: There’s no trace of who that woman was.

LESTER: Then why have I been paying you all this time? Where was my protection when this happened? You’re supposed to prevent this sh’t from ever happening!!

Momma Wolf eyes one of her men who chokes Lester from behind. She stands up puffing on her cigar, walking to the back window of her yard, observing the landscaper mowing her lawn.

MOMMA WOLF:  Look at that stupid bstrd. How many Goddamn times did I tell that son of a bitch to watch out for my PINE TREE?!

She turns to the choker nicknamed, FIRST GRADE.

That’s enough. Go outside and bring that bastard in here this instant. NOW!!! Go!

First Grade nods.

MOMMA WOLF:  (to Lester) Let’s hurry this up. I can’t promise you a new pickle Lester but I can make sure that no one will ever lay another finger on you. This was a professional and she did her job very well. I want a ten percent increase on your trade or your outcast.

LESTER: I can’t believe you’re trying to muscle me?

MOMMA WOLF: You IN or you OUT?

She flips open the top of her cane to reveal it as a revolver aimed casually at Lester.  

LESTER: I’m in, I’m in.

MOMMA WOLF: I’ll put a few wolves in your den and that will be that.


MOMMA WOLF: Now get lost cause you’re cuttin’ into my jeopardy.


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