Money Can’t Buy Happiness

In this male dramatic monologue, Franklin talks to a complete stranger in NYC about his true identity and his struggles with his family’s secret wealth.

Franklin: Everybody thinks that having loads of money brings happiness…it doesn’t.  I’m someone who was born with a silver spoon in my mouth…gold actually.  I come from a high-powered family of bankers and business financiers.  I never had to fend for a thing growing up.  All I had to do was play by the rules…the rules my family has set in stone for generations…I learned all the rules of formality and etiquette, learned all the rules of how real money gets made and invested, of course, went to the best university for my education.  Kept on with certain friends of influence and attended invitation only events…but, I’m the one who went astray and am viewed as the black sheep of my family.  All for the price of my freedom.  I am looked at as the failure, the problem child because I went solo and flew my own way.

I never wanted to follow my family’s tradition.  I wanted to strike out on my own.  Carve out my own reason for living.

I hate the fact that life was made easy for me.  I hate it!  I despise it.  People think that when you are wealthy, your life has no burden, that life is easier.  Not for me.  Not one day for me.

Because I’ve walked away from my family the way that I did, I’ve had to hide my wealth from people who don’t know me.  New people in my life became friends of mine not because of my family’s money but because of me as a person.  And there are some, more than I’d care to admit, that have turned their backs on me or treated me fowl.  In a way, those people made me feel alive and I am so very grateful to them.

Even girlfriends in my past, who I loved dearly, I could not tell the truth because it would ruin things.  I always needed to know that if a woman truly loved me, that she would love me for me, not for my family fortune.

I wish things weren’t this way but they are for now…sooner or later I will accept my fate and take over my responsibility to my family, as I am the eldest, but not until I achieve my own life’s purpose.

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