Monologue Videos

MB promotes our creators.  Here you will find performers creating from our monologues and scripts.

Acting Different


Beautiful Day

Before You Go


Coffee Table

Color and Style

Contents Flammable

Crappy Pants

Crop Duster

Dark Chocolate

Dark Place

Eating Like A Slob


Fungus Among Us

Funny Man


Going, Going, Gone

How To Be A Gangster

I Can’t Win

Just One Thing

Killing You

Lick My Wounds


Musk Mitts

Never Been Kissed

Next In Line

Not Your Average A-Hole

Pay Attention

Phone Calls

Protective Shield

Rather Be A Man

Real Man

Sack and Crack

Smiley Pretty, Alice

Some Time Today

Spirit Forward

Stand Up

Straight To The Nitty Gritty

The Bear

The Last M & M Samurai

Two Shades Away

Up Close and Personal

Wasted Talent

White Tail Spider


Would You Love Me If…


You Come To Me

Zombie Monologue