Monologues For Film and Play Auditions

Here’s a collection of monologues for film & play auditions that are good for screen test castings before given an actual production script.

Knowing how to audition with movie monologues by understanding the camera, will prove to be useful for your acting technique.

The chosen film styled monologues below are based on type, situation and category that will be a closer fit for you if let’s say you have an audition to play a Criminal or a Mother or a Pot Head for instance.

Scroll down this list and see what grabs your attention.

Monologues for Film and Play Auditions

Monologue Film Audition Material

Comedy – Female

  1. Flycatcher
  2. The Passionate Intern
  3. Nervous Nostrils
  4. Fungus Among Us
  5. Ready, Aim, AIM!

Comedy – Male

  1. Welcome To The Club
  2. Bromance
  3. Piss Power
  4. I Hate My Name
  5. Get Pumped

Drama – Female

  1. Acting Different
  2. People’s Comments
  3. Never Hurt You
  4. It’s Mine
  5. Last Breath

Drama – Male

  1. Angel of God
  2. Under-appreciated
  3. Pain of Divorce
  4. Walter Ford
  5. Tell Me

Serio-Comedy – Female

  1. Snot Rags
  2. Pushing Pencils
  3. Daddy’s Little Girl
  4. Passing Time
  5. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Serio-Comedy – Male

  1. Be All, End All
  2. The Art of the Play
  3. Would You Love Me if…
  4. Bandanna Boy
  5. Come Out and Play


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