Moony and Peggy

Moony and Peggy are at home during a terrible storm when weird things begin happening.  1 man, 1 woman.  Serio-comedic.  Short scripts.

Moony and Peggy

MOONY and PEGGY. Bed. Evening.

Moony: Coffee.

Peggy: Apple Pie.

Moony: Coffee.

Peggy: Mashed potatoes.

Moony: Coffee.

Peggy: Hey! You can’t keep sayin’ coffee. Can’t you think something else up?

Moony: I miss my coffee. Even just the smell of it. I never imagined I would miss it so damn much.

Peggy: Are the headaches gone?

Moony: They’re gone. I even miss that.

Peggy: Don’t be foolish.

Moony: I do, I do…at least I had a bit left in my system.

Peggy: It’s been three whole days, Moon.

Moony: I know.


Peggy gets up from the bed and looks out the window.

Peggy: I can’t believe what it looks like out there. It keeps going and going and going…

Moony: Not letting up?

Peggy: No.

Moony: Can’t even go out for any news or nothing.

Peggy: I’m scared. What if it never leaves?

Moony: Honey, it will leave.

Peggy: I told you we should have left town when we had the chance.

Moony: It’s fine. Everything will be alright. We have enough food, at least.

Peggy: We’re running out of water and I hate not having any light on at night.

Moony: Darling, patience. I’m thinking by tomorrow it will slow down and move on.

Peggy: What if it goes on for three more days? What do we do?

Moony: Let’s cross that bridge if we come to it.

Peggy: But what will we do, Moon?

Moony: Safety comes first. We have enough food for weeks and enough survival supplies as well. We will be okay.

Peggy: Can’t charge our phones…everything’s gone dead.

Moony: Don’t let the not knowing get to your mind. We talked this through, didn’t we?

Peggy: Yeah, I guess.

Moony: We took a hit but things will bounce back. They always will.

Peggy: What’s worse case scenario?

Moony: We’re in it.

Peggy: Yeah…

Peggy comes back to the bed.

Moony: Salad.

Peggy: Salad?

Moony: I’m craving one of those veggie salads you make. The one I can’t stand actually.

Peggy: HaHaa. Why? You hate my veggie salad.

Moony: I even miss the food I don’t like.

Peggy: You go on like we’ve been here for months. Ha ha.

Moony: So do you?

Peggy: I worry about our safety. You worry about food.

Moony: Well, it is part of our survival.

Peggy: True.

Moony: Want to play a card game?

Peggy: No, I always beat you so it’s gotten boring.

Moony: What? Hell no. I let you beat me.

Peggy:  Oh, please.

Moony: Yes I do!

Peggy: I beat you every time.

Moony: Because I let you win.

Peggy: You just aren’t man enough to admit that I kick your ass in cards.

Moony: Not true.

Peggy: I beat you at five hundred rummy, war, go fish, I mean, i am a superstar compared to you. Just admit it.

Moony: You’re ruthless.

Peggy: Yep.

Moony: I beat you at monopoly.

Peggy: One time and that’s cause you got lucky.

Moony: Lucky?

There’s a knock at their door.

Peggy: Who do you think it is?

Moony: Let me go check.

Peggy: Baby, be careful.

Moony: Relax. Maybe somebody needs help. Stay here. Let me go check.

Peggy: Be careful.

Moony: Shhh. It’s fine.

Moony goes to front door and opens it.  No one’s there.

Peggy: Babe?

Moony: Yeah.

Moony shuts door. Goes into living room.

Peggy: Who was it?

Moony: Nobody. Must be the wind.

Peggy: Sounded like a strong knock. Did you have a good look?

Moony: Nobody was there. It did sound exactly like a knock, right?

Landline phone suddenly rings.

Moony and Peggy look at one another. Moony answers phone.

Hello? Hel–HELLO? HELLO?

Moony hangs up and check for dial tone.

No dial tone. Maybe the phone is going in and out.

Peggy: What did you hear?

Moony: Nothing but static.

Peggy: Static? That’s all?

Theres a knock at the front door.

Moony: Stay here and let me see. That sounded like someone knocking, right?

Peggy: Yes.

Moony opens the front door and no one is there.

The phone rings. Peggy answers.

Peggy: Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?

She hands phone to Moony.

Moony: Hello? (he listens for a few seconds – hangs up.) That sounded like a a knock to you?

Peggy nods yes.

You think someone is messing with us?

Peggy: Maybe someone needs help.

Moony: Why knock and leave?

Peggy: I don’t know.

Lights go on and out.

Honey, I’m getting nervous.

Moony: Relax. It’s probably the power trying to go on. There’s a lot of wind outside, power lines are all messed up. Don’t get spooked.

There’s a loud crash outside.

Peggy and Moony run to the window and look out.

You see anything?

Peggy: No. What the hell was that?

Moony: Something must have (lights go on and off) fallen over. Sounded heavy.

Peggy: It did sound heavy. What if our building comes down?

Moony: What? No. This building has been around for centuries. Do you know how many storms have bashed up against this building?

Peggy: How many?

Moony: I don’t know exactly how many but I’m just saying this building has seen it’s fair share of weather abuse.

Peggy: Maybe we should cover up the windows.

Moony: Baby, you’re starting to panic again. Let’s chill. There’s nothing to get worried about. We’re a few floors up and, no, it’s not necessary. Play?

Peggy: What if that big tree outside comes crashing into our place and kills us while we sleep.

Moony: That’s wicked thinking.

Peggy: What if it does?

Moony: Then we’re dead, what can I say?

Peggy: No! Don’t say that. Don’t joke around.

Moony: You asked me. What do you think will happen. Knowing my luck I’ll survive but be half brain dead for the rest of my life.

Peggy: I hate when you talk like that.

Moony twists his face and acts impaired.

Stop! Stop! You know I don’t like that. Idiot.

Moony: Alright. We’re good. Just let it pass. Things will be better tomorrow.


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