Morph to Cairo

In Morph To Cairo, BILL talks in detail about a woman who was obsessed with his friend Cairo, who was wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit.

BILL:  Ain’t nothing worse than a man attempting to lay his hands on a woman.  Ain’t nothing, ain’t nothing worse ‘cept for when the woman morphs the story.  See, way back when I knew this fella and he was a hard working fella.  Would get up crack of dawn and come home into night.  Treated his wife like a charm, was respected ‘mongst his friends and on and on…anyway, one night he was out on the town, went to meet some of the fellas over at Butch Pub, you know Butch?

Anyway, Cairo, that was his name, CAIRO, Cairo met up with his buddies and started getting into the mix with drinking, shooting pool and playing darts.  Needless to say it was a regular night, just like any, until a woman got involved.  A traveling hoe, one of those bitches that go from town to town with her snatch hanging out all yella…she was sitting off somewheres in the bar; she approaches good ole Cairo when he goes to use the toilet.  So she follows him in the toilet and starts on him, making all kinds of solicitations, gestures, grabbing his you know what…now, she was an attractive girl, hell, I’d take her on any old damn night but my boy Cairo, being the kind of honest man that he is, calmly and gently pushed her aside and tried to make his way out from the bathroom.

Well, she wasn’t having that.  She couldn’t handle the rejection and she lunged for Cairo, throwing herself on him, begging him to screw her right there in the john.  Most men would have unzippered their fly right then and there but not good ole Cairo.  Cairo calmly pushed her off ’em and looked her sternly in the eye and said, “I’m a married man.”  The woman lost it.  She started clawing at Cairo’s face, chest, his arms, anything she could claw and he fought back, but he didn’t fight back per se like a man fighting another man…No, no, not Cairo.  Cairo did everything he could to get her off of him until finally with a strong ass push, she fell back and hit her head off the edge of the sink.  Knocked her out cold.

Cairo panicked but not that bullshit panic you see in the movies when the actor is all huffy and puffy.  I’m talkin’ ’bout that inward panic, the realist kind there is…the kind of panic that leaves a man’s face stone cold because all his nerves are throbbing with worry.

He left the bathroom and made his way out the bar, barely saying good bye to his friends.

Next day, while he was in the backyard having a catch with his son, cops came and took him away, stating that the traveling hoe was raped.  She was pressing charges and to make matters worse; to make matters sooooo worse, turns out she was in fact raped but from another man and she wanted to pin it on my boy Cairo, who, with scrapes and scratches and scabs was on his way to the tanker.

I have a brother, a brother who happens to be the big law man of  this here town and he lent me the key to the traveling hoe’s cell and when I went into her sell, I put a knife to her eye and started carving…she screamed but it made no difference to me…she screamed until finally, she changed her story, she screamed until I made her remember that Cairo was an innocent man.  She agreed.  Withdrew the charges and that was that.  She was driven out of town, far out of town, never to be seen or heard from again.

Joseph Arnone


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