Motivation Behind The Patterns

In monologue Motivation Behind The Patterns, Chelsea is a first year college philosophy student who talks to a  new friend about how she views life.

CHELSEA:  It’s an addiction…I can’t stop…I try to get away from it but it pulls my bends my mind and twists my soul in shapes that have never mathematically been proven.

This is what I am.

A strange experiment that I try to learn from…I observe myself and try to figure out what I am…I read the past fervently and see the future clearly but my present is always filled with deformity.

No one can give me the answers…no science or religion but I see things I know to be true, somehow, nature makes sense..I can always understand the patterns but it’s the motivation behind the patterns that I hold in question…who is pulling all the strings?

Whoever created all this must have been having a wild time and as advanced as life seems to be, there are certainly tweaks worth mentioning…

Maybe we are a version of a program that is designed in such a way that we are meant to develop organically into our own truthful equation.

Some equations go further than others.

I guess I have my own truth to play within the grand scheme of all these profound elements and I don’t even know why…it’s just feelings…feelings I live by that propel me to do what I do, to be this evolving creature that I don’t understand completely.

Such is life.

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