Mr. Innocent

In this dramatic monologue, ROSALIE finally goes off on her husband after keeping her emotions bottled up for far to long. 

ROSALIE:  Everyday I work, I clean, I fold, I cook and what do you do?   Sit on your ass, embedded in that disgusting green couch all day!  Watching your 1910 movies, stinking up the room with your farts and your horrid belching.  You can give any woman a reason to jump off a bridge.  Any woman!

I get no appreciation, no respect, no love, no concern…never, “Hey Honey, do you need help with anything?”  or “Rosalie, can I run to the store for you?”  Nothing!  Served, like a King, like you got it coming to you and what do I got coming to me, Paulie?  Huh?  What do I get in return for being slaved to the inner core of my bones.  WHAT DO I GET?!

…When do we ever go out?  When was the last time you have taken me a-ny-where?  What do we do with our lives?  You stare at me like this is a shock!  Are you shocked, Paul?  Are you so removed from my existence that you have no idea what it is I am telling you this very instant?  Heh?  Are you just going to stare at me with that big dumb face of yours, like you’re Mr. Innocent?

Speak, speak before I stab you with this fork!

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