Musk Mitts

In this comedic male monologue Musk Mitts, TIM brags to his friend about how he came to solve his “scratch and sniff” problem.

TIM:  I finally went to the Doctor about it.  You know, I recognized that something needed to be done.  I mean, I was scratching my balls and sniffing my fingers so much that people at work were starting to give me dirty looks.  That’s why I’m wearing my Musk Mitts. They’ve given me my life back.

I guess the breaking point was when I started wiping my finger musk on people.  I did that for months on end in secret but on one particular day, little Ronnie, the mail delivery boy, came into my office and gave me the wrong mail.  Something went wrong and I attacked Ronnie’s face with my finger musk. That’s when I knew I went too far.  He’s a good kid, that Ronnie.

But now that I have my Musk Mittens, there’s hope for me and I can still go to work and do my job without any concern.  I’m one of the lucky ones…

Joseph Arnone


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