My Consciousness Is Drowsy

In the monologue, My Consciousness Is Drowsy, Patti talks about how she has been taking life for granted and needs to dial back and show thanks.

Patti: I wish I could get away from myself.

I’ve been complaining and whining so much lately, that I’m literally on my own nerves.  I had no idea I was such a whiny bitch.  I’d like to kick my own ass if I could.

You know what it is…I’ve become so ungrateful with what I have in my life.  There are many people less fortunate than me and here I am grouchy and miserable and I can’t stand myself anymore. (beat)  This isn’t who I am…deep down, I swear, this isn’t really me.

I have the most amazing man in my life, my parents are alive and well, my siblings are all doing great…and I moan…I can’t stand people who moan.

How do I break free from myself?

I wish I can leave who I am and go somewhere new, somewhere alone and quiet, somewhere where I can listen to the rain, the ocean’s waves, somewhere where I can hold hands with the wind and forget about my own existence…long enough to get back to who I need to be.

Can you help me?  Can you show me how?

Joseph Arnone


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