My Own Little Lazy World

Hazel defends her lazy way of living life and talks about why it makes her happy but the undercurrent of why she has chosen to live in such a way is kept hidden.

Hazel:  Is it so wrong to be lazy?  I love being lazy. I believe there is a certain aesthetic, an art form if you will, to the power of living a lazy life.

I’ve done absolutely nothing with my day today and it feels sooooo damn delicious.  You know why?  Cause I don’t want to work hard.  I don’t want to earn loads of money.  I don’t want a house or a car or a dog or kids or a husband or anything that will take me away from living my lazy life.

Isn’t that great?  Is that so wrong?  Why should I be forced to be like everyone else?  Why?

I live on the beach.  I paint sea shells.  I find them, I paint them and I sell them.  I live in a dirt cheap bungalow and things are fantastic.

I swim.  I fish.  I tan.  I jog.  I drink.  I cook.  I read.  I laugh.  I sleep.

I’m in my own little lazy world and I love it.  I embrace it.  No one telling me what to do…it’s bliss.

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