My Own Two Eyes

Julia is a fierce and competitive business woman.  Her company is about to swallow up her long time nemesis.

JULIA:  It’s truly incredible how life works out.  For the longest time, I chased you.  I worked hard, for years, to reach you.  I’ve surpassed my wildest dreams.  I used to imagine what it would be like to destroy you.  To buy you and make you crumble.  Today, I can.

When looking at you now, all I see is a shaken, confused man…not the domineering man who once scarred me.

Is it because you know I have you by the balls?  Is this the reason why you squirm in your chair and sweat from your brow?

Perhaps you were always this weak little man all along.  (beat)  I’ve already got you.  Seeing you frightened like this only confirms for me what I’ve always known about you.  You are pathetic.  You are small.  There is no greater satisfaction I can be given then seeing you in this state with my own two eyes.

Joseph Arnone


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